Friendship Cruise Communications

River Landmarks

Thanks to Mike Collett, K7DOU

Green River mileages--measured from the confluence:
120  starting
97  Ruby Ranch
90  Three-mile Canyon
74  Bottom of Spring Canyon Point
70  begin Bowknot Bend
63  end Bowknot Bend
52  Mineral Bottom
40  Fort Bottom (home of the Wild-Bench cabin)
31  Anderson Bottom
22  Turk's head
15  Horse Canyon
Water Canyon

Colorado River mileages--measured from the confluence:
0           Confluence
1           the Slide
5           beginning of The Loop (river going E)
8           end of first loop (river going W)
11          end of second loop (river going E, turns north)
16          Indian Creek (the boaters love this one)
24          Lathrop Canyon on left
30          Little Bridge Canyon easily seen from overlook
33          beginning of 4-mile trip around Goose Neck river NW
37          end of Goose Neck river makes left turn from S to NE
44          entering the Syncline area
45          about where the ranch is (what a place to live!)
47          MGM
53          Gold Bar canyon
64          Moab boat dock

Summary of the more interesting distances:
Green River to Mineral:   67 Confluence toMGM: 47
Green River to Confluence: 120 Confluence to Moab: 64
Mineral to the confluence: 53 MGM to Moab: 17
Mineral to Anderson: 22 Green river to MGM: 167
Confluence to the slide: 1 1/2 Green River to Moab: 184