Friendship Cruise Communications

Frequency Lists

Amateur Frequencies Used for Cruise Communications
Station Covering Frequency
Cruise-wide HF frequency Entire course 3987.5 kHz
Panorama Point repeater Lower Green River (generally below Mineral Bottom) and short section of Colorado immediately above confluence. On Friday and Saturday, input will be monitored by the Green River operators as an alternate for boats on the upper Green. 147.12 MHz (+)
Canyonlands Overlook repeater Most of the Colorado River 147.38 MHz (+)
Repeater Intertie (Used only within and between repeater sites) 449.325 MHz

Linked SE Utah Repeaters
(88.5Hz PL)
Ford Ridge (Near Soldier Summit) 145.310
Bruin Peak (NE or Price) 147.320
Horn Mountain (W of Castle Dale) 147.060
Boardinghouse Ridge (near Scofield) 147.080
Cedar Mountain 147.140
Bald Mesa (E of Moab)  146.760
Moab (In town repeater)  146.900
Abajo Peak  146.610
Hub Repeater (Bruin Peak)  449.050

Also see map 1 and map 2 available from the Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club site.

Frequencies Used by Other Services
Marine Emergency (Ch-16)  156.800  
Canyonlands Natíl Park
100 Administration
200 Arches natíl Park
300 Natural Bridges
400 Needles District
500 Island Area
600 Maze District
Morning Report  0830  (usually) weather report & forecast
166.325 (Repeater output) Island in the Sky
Grand County Dispatch  155.730  
Emery County Dispatch  156.210  
UHP  155.565  
Emery County Jeep Patrol  155.160  (National SAR) Car shuttle coordination