The Green River Firestation

After years of struggles by many operators to get good antenna performance from the Green River fire station, Ron Jones, K7RJ, and Mike Collett, K7DOU (in the blue shirt), took a weekend in the winter of 2006 to install some permanent antennas. The 80-meter dipole is shown drawn in. The mast sticking up from behind the building holds a VHF antenna donated by Tom Whitley, W7CMS.

The fire station is the starting point for the Friendship Cruise. Participants register here. It also serves as a good stopping point for amateurs on their way to other destinations along the course. There will be people there Friday and about the first half of Saturday on any year the cruise is held.

To find the fire station, take the first Green River exit from I-70 (assuming you are approaching from the west). This will put you going east on Green River Main Street. Turn right on Broadway. (Ben's Cafe and Ray's Tavern may be easier to spot than the street sign.) Follow Broadway a few blocks until it makes a jog to the left. At this point look on your left for a building that looks like this.