Friendship Cruise Communications

A Downloadable Course Map

Ron Jones, K7RJ, has created a map of the course along the two rivers with many landmarks and mileages marked. This map can be a very handy companion during the cruise as it can help decode traffic which involves points along the rivers.

The map is in PDF (Portable Document File) format and will print neatly on a single 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. The map can be downloaded and then printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Those that do not have the reader, it can be downloaded free of charge for most platforms from:

If you have the reader installed in the plug-in mode, you can simply follow the link below. If need or want to download the file, Netscape Navigator users should shift-click the link; Internet Explorer users should right-click it, then choose the "Save" function from the menu. (Users of other browsers are on their own!)

The map