Gordon's Home Page 

Hi! I'm Gordon, known on the amateur radio bands as K7HFV. This “home page.” really just ties together some miscellaneous pages on the amateur radio hobby and other things. I hope some of it may be useful or humorous.

Pages Available

Amateur Radio:
A list of Utah 2-meter Repeaters
Home Page for Friendship Cruise Communications
Amateur Radio Rules and Regulations (FCC Part 97)
Instructions for “RaceData” program
Command summary for KD0J's “RaceData” program
The famous Your Novice Accent article
A list of Internet country abbreviations
The Lexicon of Inconspicuously Ambiguous Recommendations  
A Humid Recital Stirs Bangkok
An amazing revelation from CNN about the late shuttle “Columbia”
Tale of a (Ham) Wednesday Night Hike
A Backpack to “Ernie's Country”
A Fall Hike in Mill A Gulch
Trip to Water Canyon Spring of 2014
Other Material